The perfect cheese: the must-have cheese for your charcuterie board

The perfect cheese: the must-have cheese for your charcuterie board

Why cheese tastes so good?

Let's all be straightforward here; cheese is so good that it could be the solution for world peace. Kidding aside! To answer this simple question, take this explanation from Micheal Tunick:

"It's because the bacteria break down the proteins and especially the fats into a whole quite a large number of molecules that have flavors."

Similar to wine, it goes on the fermentation process that brings just the right flavor to satisfy our taste buds. We've never thought that Science could be this delicious!

There is a wide range of benefits and uses of cheese, but we're going to focus on the most epic way to serve cheese-- the cheeseboard. It is the perfect formula for our holiday gatherings! Here are some of the most popular and favorite cheese of all time:



Everybody knows Gouda. Think of him as your popular high school classmate. Originated in the Netherlands, this gouda cheese has a mild, soft, creamy taste, and texture. Perfect for crackers, bread, grapes, and dried apricots. Just the right cheese you are looking for your holiday charcuterie plate!



Brie is an off-white cheese associated with a strong earthy aroma. This smooth, creamy, and buttery cheese could also be an option for your cheeseboard. Originated in France, It is traditionally made from cow's milk. It's best eaten at room temperature with fruit, baguette slices, and nuts.



is a hard, firm, natural cheese that originated in English Village. It is one of the oldest cheeses and is the most widely purchased cheese in the world. If it is young, the texture is smooth. The older it gets, the sharper it tastes. It is best paired with salami, pepperoni, and some fresh strawberries.



Also known as goat cheese, this cheese is made from goat's milk. It can be served from soft fresh cheese to hard aged cheese. Pair it with berries, olives, dried cranberries, jam, and honey, and be ready to impress your guests.


There is a wide variety of cheese options for your cheeseboards. So many good choices! Offer a range of cheese types: hard, soft, firm-- But don't go too crazy! Make sure that it will complement the flavor of your charcuterie board.

So, are you ready to get started? BRIE-LEAVE you can do it!


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