Charcuterie Boards Without Meat

Charcuterie Boards Without Meat

Though charcuterie comes from the French practice of serving cured and cooked meats (among other goods) on a beautifully displayed platter, more and more options are rising to the surface.

It can take a bit of creativity to think of differing ideas, so we have come to help. Ideas for a Charcuterie board without meat include cheese, foods that are dried, preserved, or pickled, nuts, cut fruit, berries, vegetables, peppers, tapas, crackers, pretzels/chips, spreads, jams/jellies, finger sandwiches, desserts boards, holiday boards, candies, mints, and edible garnishes.

Of course, limiting yourself to these meatless options is not required- you are always welcome to get creative with your Charcuterie board even if this means ditching the traditional base component.

After all, serving your guest's delicious food means preparing something with passion and character.

While a perfectly arranged Charcuterie board looks impressive as all get out, they are secretly easy to put together. As in no cooking required and ready in 15 minutes. 

It ignites the grazer in all of us with perfectly arranged bite-sized nibbles. A good spread is sweet, salty, and savory with lots of texture! 

While Charcuterie boards are famously party food, don't count them out for a fun weekend meal! 


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