Top must-have charcuterie meats

Top must-have charcuterie meats

You might have been wondering, is charcuterie raw meat? Sometimes it can look quite raw, but they are actually not. Some meats are cooked, dried, salt-cured or smoked. But no charcuterie is eaten raw. Charcuterie meats offer a great balance of taste, texture and flavor to your board. So, we will give out our top favorite charcuterie meats for y'all!



Climbing from the top is the most popular of them all. One of the best parts of being a salami lover is the fact that there are so many different types of salami, you will never run out of options differing from spice and taste.


This luxurious cured meat is the one of the most expensive of them all. Made from special black-hooved pigs, known for its earthy and nutty taste. CHORIZO Is a cured sausage that will offer you a smokey, little spicy flavor, some people refer to it as spicy heaven. Serve it with a good slices of cheese and you are good to go!


rillettes are made from slow cooked meat like pork or duck. They are usually paired wit crackers or a nice jar of cornichons.


There's a lot of charcuterie meat types, each have its own unique variations. In fact, there's so many that we can spend our lifetime writing down a compilation of it. But it is important to note that we should also consider their texture and taste when placing them into our grazing boards.

Well nice to MEAT ya! Until our next charcuterie adventure! Follow us more tips.


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