Cheese and Cheers!

Cheese and Cheers!


We all heard of that "With Cheese and Wine, everything is fine" You don't have to worry about what to get on your next dinner night or on your random leisure day. With cheese and wine, anything is elegant and comfy.


Cheese and Wine are the perfect pair. If you don't know what they taste like, you're missing out a lot. So, we compiled the best wine for your charcuterie date so you won't mess up this match-made in heaven pair.


Pinot Noir When it comes to dating, he is the versatile one. Compatible with almost anyone. Pair with any charcuterie platter and you will see how great it goes. It is also a popular way to partner Pinot Noir with French-style porks. Enjoy him with pork-based charcuterie.


Bold Tannins The tannins and rustic flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel match well with charcuterie that has similar smokey taste. A platter of Speck and an old-vine Zinfandel would be a perfect match for each other's woody, smokey flavors.


Prosciutto and Riesling Wines that have sweet fruit and plenty of acidities go well with lighter hams that have a sweet and salty balance. Now we can settle that opposites attract. Look for Riesling, Lambrusco, Zinfandel and Moscato. They will bring out that nuttiness of the meat, perfect balance, and contrast.


Frappato, Zweigelt and Cabernet Franc If you are rooting for the safe one, these light to medium red wines is the perfect cut-through for fresh charcuterie flavors such as fatty and creamy ones.


The best cheese and wines are the ones we drink with friends. Partner up your cheese and wine with some old friends, they all must be old to be good. haha!

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