How To Turn Charcuterie Into A Kid-Friendly Appetizer

How To Turn Charcuterie Into A Kid-Friendly Appetizer

Kids Charcuterie Board is a fun way to get kids to try new foods. The best part about this toddler-friendly charcuterie board is that you can mix and match your favorite snacks and kid-friendly foods. It's entirely customizable for each kid! You can even get them involved and use smaller boards to make their snack board!
If you're looking for some inspiration on what to include on your kid-friendly charcuterie board, here are some of our favorite ingredients

Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Adding veggies and fruit to your charcuterie board is a great way to add color and variety without going overboard.
Tomatoes are a classic addition to any charcuterie board, but you could also try adding celery or cucumber.


Cheese is always a hit with kids (and adults!), so be sure not to forget it when making your charcuterie board! An excellent selection of cheeses will go well with all of the other items on your board – from brie to cheddar to goat cheese – find something that suits everyone's tastes!


There are so many options for meat on this kid's charcuterie board! Try chicken strips or turkey slices if you want something easy to prepare ahead of time with minimal mess (and little hands).

Sweet and Savory Dips

If you want your kids to eat their veggies, it helps if they enjoy them. Nothing is more fun than dipping a carrot into ranch dressing or Nutella. Kids are more likely to eat familiar foods and have a positive association with them.

Nuts/Dried fruit

Dried fruits are an excellent way to add sweet flavor without much sugar. Nuts can add crunch and texture as well as additional protein. If you're looking for something fruity, try dried apricots; if you're looking for something crunchy, try pistachios or almonds.

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