Charcuterie Jams

Charcuterie Jams

What is charcuterie without sweetness? Consider adding a sweet touch to your platter by adding some all-time favorite jams. A bit of jam could actually complement the taste of meat and cheese to balance out that dry and saltiness of your platter, bringing out that extra texture. We are all looking for a perfect balance! Thanks to the Italian Culture, we are now savoring the pairing of cheese and jams.

But here you are at the aisle of a grocery store, stuck in a "Paradox of Choice" and looking overwhelmed for the variety of options. Picking the right jam or honey for your charcuterie might be a little tricker, there are so many desirable choices.

Fig jam
Fig jams are perfect for soft cheeses or any kind of cheeses, really! From brie, goat cheese, to salty gouda. Fig jams are made out of granulated sugar or honey, vanilla extract, water, and fresh figs. It is one of our top choices for our charcuterie spread. Delicious and will totally upgrade your normal platter.

Candied orange
Usually pairs with gouda, cheddar, and hard cheese. The battle of sour and sweetness of this jam would bring a soft texture and a sweet flavor. With just two ingredients and you are ready to go. Prepare your orange (peeled) and white sugar. You can also add a pinch of lemon!

Apricot jam
Pair this amazing jam with brie or walnuts. Apricot jam has this slight deep flavor and will highlight itself with charcuterie. Simply just mix apricot, sugar, and lemon juice.

Below are some other popular jams you could try!

Pair jam - matches mature cheeses
Cherry - the combination of sweet and tart would probably make you forgot your name!
Cranberry - perfect for goat, triple creme, or brie

There's a ton of other amazing jam that we did not mention, try giving them a chance to be on your cheese platters next time. Bon appétit!

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