Grazing boards are perfect for food presentations whether it is for a big family or a small group. We are so in love with these serving platters because of their beauty and versatility. Just perfect! It's awesome to think that there are so many charcuterie boards online! So, as a charcuterie enthusiast, here are some of my do's and don'ts when choosing the right board for your charcuterie party so you won't mess up!

Non-porous Wooden Boards
-My ideal woods are hard maple, olives acacia, and teak. They are non-porous, which means they don't absorb odor or other elements. They are perfect for your charcuterie!

The Classic popular option
- if you are not into woods, you can have a variety of popular options such as marble, kitchen slate, and bamboo. Marble is the top choice for the reason that it will keep your cheese cooler (heat retention) amazing!

Avoid woods that will suck the heck out of your charcuterie.
- avoid mahogany, pine, fir, walnut, and larch. They might suck that flavors on your charcuterie.

Consider food safety
- consider looking for a "food safe" grazing board, because you might end up having a hard time just for maintaining the heck out of your non-coated charcuterie board.

Unpopular opinion
- oak is one of the few examples of hardwoods, which is not really good for your party platters. Oak might help the bacteria to build up, not really good for putting that fermented cheese of yours on its top.

You'll end up with a nice presentation no matter how you use your grazing boards. While most of the boards will look fantastic on their own, adding a little ingenuity can turn them into true masterpieces. Have fun and be creative while being cautious! There's nothing more important than food safety and comfort. Happy eating!

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