Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

Fall Harvest Charcuterie Board

Tired of the same ol' soup and casserole type recipes for fall? Try a charcuterie board loaded with seasonal produce and fall flavors.

The key to truly building the best fall charcuterie board is thinking beyond the typical meat and cheese board. Let's turn this board into a full meal everyone will love. You can do this by adding in fruits, veggies, dips, nuts, and more. You can find fresh produce at your local Farmers Market. 

Whether you're working on a Fall charcuterie board for Thanksgiving or another theme, there's a quick formula you can follow to help you decided what to put on your board:

  • 2 seasonal fruits
  • 2seasonal veggies
  • Something crunchy
  • 2 plant based fats
  • 2 proteins
  • 1-2 dips
  • Some fun treats!

Now, you certainly don't have to stick to these numbers exactly, but if you're new to making charcuterie boards, it can be a helpful guide to follow.

Start your board with the produce you want to include. Since this is a fall board, you should stick with some fall fruits like pears and apples. For veggies, you can use sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Your dips you choose are dependent on what your  "something crunchy" is. You can go sweet or savory, and either make something homemade like a creamy spinach dip or something sweeter like a fall cream cheese dip.

Don't forget those plant based fats. The easiest, plant based fats to use on a charcuterie board is raw or roasted nuts. Nuts make for perfect "hole fillers" on your board.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to the best charcuterie meats and proteins. Try to focus on the visual presentation and try to go for thinner sliced meats like prosciutto, and thinly sliced turkey because they can fold into pretty shapes.

The best cheeses for charcuterie boards are a softer brie that people can spread and scoop and then slices of parmesan, which is harder and can be placed on top of a cracker quit easily! But if those aren't your favorites, no worries... try to pick one soft cheese and one harder cheese that can be served as slices.

A harvest charcuterie board is perfect for everything from a fun family-night -in, to a small gathering, to a snack board on a weekend afternoon!


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