Football Charcuterie Board

Football Charcuterie Board

Hosting a party for a football game? Make the ultimate appetizer, a football charcuterie board! Call it a game-day grazing board or just a fancy tailgate snack tray, but whatever you decide to call it, it's the perfect football party food to serve at your party!

Fill up a large wooden charcuterie board with your personal game day favorites like cheeses ,crackers, nuts, salsa, dips, meats, and other snacks! They're super simple to make and everyone loves them!  

Check out this list of food and snack ideas below as a starting point, but be creative and add your own flair to your football board! Make it game-day ready with your favorite appetizers.


Football Charcuterie Board Snacks

  • Cured Meats (Salami, Pastrami, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, etc)
  • Chicken Wings
  • Cheeses ( Swiss, gouda, gruyere, etc. try to vary your textures and flavors
  • Crackers, Chips
  • Nuts
  • Dipping Sauces
  • Olives

Begin by selecting your board or tray. You can use any size or shape tray you have. If you don't own a tray, you can find tons online or in stores.

Next, place your cheeses and dips. Then fill in with meats. Next, add in nuts, olives, pickles, etc. Arrange it however you love it.


Add Football Decorations

Let's face it, it's not a football charcuterie board without some football decorations! 

 Try  to find decorations from local shops or online. Items such as runners, flags, miniature footballs etc. You will find yourself pulling them out EVERY game day season. They're so fun for decorating your board.

The next time you need food ideas for a Super Bowl party, National Championship party or just a football weekend watch party, I hope you're inspired with these ideas!

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