Restaurants can be fun, but nothing beats an old-fashioned picnic and laying out a blanket over a grassy field. It's an inexpensive way to have a cozy time with friends and family. So, we gather up a list of recommended places to have a cozy picnic time in California! Just be sure to bring some picnic food, utensils, and extra napkins. Tie your shoelaces, because we are going outdoors!


Cupid's Span

Are you familiar with that cute baby that flies around and shoots random people? (yes, the one with diapers) It's cupid! --and oh, he got an arrow. Getting back on our agenda, Cupid's Span is located in Embarcadero Waterfront in San Francisco. The huge symbolic structure adds harmony to the beautiful place, the bay bridge is visible in the background. Oh-so romantic to think that its arrow is placed upon a hill into the earth to make it fertile. No complaint that it is listed as one of the topmost destinations for lovers.


Crissy Field

We are done with angels, let's talk about heaven and earth! Crissy Field will greet you with breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay, easy hiking, exotic beaches, vast lawns, and fun picnic spots. This location is well-known among the locals. It was transformed from a former military airfield into a beloved national park in 2001. Don't forget to take a long walk across the golden gate from one side to the other. When done, take your leisure and sit in the field! Pro tip: Don't forget to bring a sweater, it can get a little windy. Also, bring your own food because there are only a few stores nearby. Crissy field is perfect for playing outdoor games, leisure, and picnic with friends. Don't forget to catch the sunset behind the Golden Bridge! Definitely worth it!


Dolores Park

This 16 acres park is one of the most popular parks in San Francisco. Its lovely green lawns are shaded by huge palm trees. By night, people usually sit on their blankets and just enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Just perfect for a charcuterie date night, picnic, and have a spectacular view of the city lights.



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