What To Do With Leftover Charcuterie?

What To Do With Leftover Charcuterie?

Charcuterie platters can be tricky. They're perfect for cocktail parties, but it's always tough figuring out exactly what to do with the leftovers once the guests have packed up and left. What's a host to do?

Here are some easy tips for turning all your charcuterie leftovers into crave-worthy second acts.


Snack on a roll-up. Roll up a slice of meat and cheese. for an extra punch, stick a cornichon or sliced pickle in the middle.

Make roll-ups with a tortilla. You could smear on plain or flavored cream cheese, mayo or mustard.

Bake a breakfast casserole with eggs, meat, cheese onions and garlic.

Layer meat and cheese in between crescent roll dough and bake.

Make a quiche with meat and cheese.

Prepare Cobb, chef or antipasto salads.

Bake stuffed chicken breasts with meat and cheese, herbs, and pesto.

Use sliced meat and cheese as pizza toppings.


Whatever you decide to do with leftover charcuterie, make sure you store the meat properly so it remains fresh until you are ready to use it. We recommend making your cured meats and cheeses into something new within 24 hours if they have been sitting out on a board during your event.


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