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CHARCUTERIE: Why does the Internet  so hype about it?

What is this gorgeous platter? Pronounced as "shahr-koo-tuh-ree" you've probably seen it on your Twitter, Instagram, and all over the internet while randomly scrolling on your feed. This trendy elegant looking feast seems like a portion of food only for the rich. But hold up, it's not what it seems to be. Behind its sophisticated eye-catching look, awaits a delightful taste that will surely melt your mouth and will definitely make want you to chill and party.

Originally intended as a way to preserve meat way back in Roman and Greek times, people use this method of preservation to make their meat last longer. But today we just simply enjoy its flavor and preservation process. A real comeback! Who else can't resist this beautiful party platter? Well, I can't!

Charcuterie is a beautiful and creative way of combining food on a serving board. Usually consist of meat, nuts, cheese, dried fruits, fresh fruit, dips, bread, and crackers. The amazing thing about charcuterie is the never-ending options and possible selection of flavor in any way you want it. It is easy to add ingredients and a few touches. You can use veggies or seasoned fruits to make your own personalized platter. You can start and make a simple one from the ingredients you can find at home to a party-snack kind of level! Board choice can be either big or small in any way you want it. You can use a flat surface if you want. Just be super fun and creative! Making the plating is a challenge; you have to mix the right color and texture, bright color that will surely stand out and along with the darker and bland ones. But make sure you're not making it too bright or too bland. For the texture, you need to have a distinct theme, Do you want it smooth? edgy? or super dry? Make your own selection that will suit you or your guests.

Whether it is for a celebration, special occasions, a romantic date with someone, or a date with just yourself? This is absolutely perfect. Food lovers enjoy charcuterie as a shared meal and the experience associated with it. Who else doesn't enjoy the shared meal and chilling vibe of this food? It became really popular during the quarantine; social media users have different ways of preparing their own boards and sharing them on the internet. You've probably seen food influencers go along with this trend. The mouth-watering flavor of contrast, appetizing look, and the hype of avid food lovers really helped a lot in increasing its popularity. Well, after all, charcuterie deserved all the attention. It has the power of bringing us all together.

So the next time you attend a get-together, keep in mind that pizza and fast food isn't the only choice. You can now make a selection of your own personalized charcuterie board, release that artistic and creative side of yours. Cheers and cheese to that!

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